Flash Epic 4g On To Boost Mobile

Yes the reason why you are interested in flashing your epic 4g to boost is because you like the idea of having a fashionable, do it all phone with out the burden of contract. The simplicity of a $50 unlimited plan sounds way better. 

On here I have posted all the tools needed to flash an Epic 4g to boost Mobile.

Raw items needed. Not including software.

 A Boost Mobile Incognito with clean ESN already activated (not a sprint one)
A boost mobile account prior to flashing the epic.
Usb cord.
Windows xp or later.
An EPIC 4G Clean Or Bad ESN doesnt matter.

At this link you will find all the tools needed in this folder. No links are broken so there will be no need to google and search for the rest. The first file listed in the folder is the step by step PDF instructions which will walk you through each phase.


If any questions further contact is down below.