Sunday, May 2, 2010

 Very disturbing that i came across this on Facebook. To have nothing better to do with their time would be an understatement. This is a very biased Fan Page and it really speaks about us as a whole considering how many people are supporting and keeping the page going. However this just further justifies this country's "Need for Change" and giving him further purpose to be the leader of our country right now.So that he can work towards minimizing things like this. Its not even a Racist slur but just pure negativity. This descends back into a basic thing called Karma. You get what you put out, you put out negative, you'll receive in return negative and vice versa .& I personally disapprove of anybody wishing death upon another individual even in a joking manner, which this is not. Especially in these days when the Reaper seems to be lurking around every corner striking when least expected, lets live our lives and enjoy it to the fullest and wish the same for others.Your loved ones and people you don't know are leaving us every moment, lets not help this cause my putting negative suggestive influences as such out into the Universe. To some degree words do have power and influence. As a closing statement I'll just say "LETS RISE ABOVE THIS"

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